Is your cannabis business contributing to the problem?

Let's face it; It is hard to get away from using plastic. Cannabis business owners everywhere are looking for alternatives because they understand the impact that their business is making on the environment.

We can help you take steps to end plastic waste.

How can you improve your brand and the environment?

We Have a Perfect Solution For you!


"FINALLY, a cannabis company that is doing the right thing. "

--- Kevin Martin

Why you should choose us ?

We Know Packaging.

Our team has decades of packaging industry experience. We can guide you from structural design to final product. Prototype to product package. Let us help you create your unique ocean -safe cannabis package.

100% Sustainable

When we say sustainable, we mean it. We ONLY make recyclable , biodegradable, and compostable packaging. We create environmentally gentle packaging solutions for Flower, Pre-rolls, Vape Cartridges and More

Improve Your Brand.

Consumers are more concerned now than ever with what their products are packaged in. Enhance your brand and increase consumer loyalty by choosing sustainable materials and by letting your customers know that you care about doing right for our environment.

Why Are We Doing This?

Plastic...It's Literally everywhere!

The Sad Truth About Where Our Plastic Containers End Up & The Species They Harm.

Cannabis Accounts for Millions of Plastic Packages Per Month



Keeping Cannabis Green

MM Green Packaging Solutions is the perfect option for medium to large cannabis companies. We work closely with vertically integrated cannabis businesses, processors, extract & edible companies, and many cannabis consultants and marketing agencies. Our goal is to help create a truly green industry, completely free from plastic packaging. Let us help you develop the perfect sustainable cannabis packaging for the following items:

  • Flower
  • Cannabis Edibles
  • Concentrates
  • Cannabis Gift Boxes
  • Vapes/Cartridges
  • Any Custom Cannabis Package You Can Think Of!